New Year’s Resolution – How Lame

Hi friends,

2018. It’s the start of another new year – filled with promise and opportunities. Like many people, I want to set the cliche goal of a better physique this year, not that I’m not in good shape already. Being single and working at a remote mine for the last few months has given me a lot of time to work out and bulk up a bit. I don’t think I’ve been this strong since my university days! Though I must admit those days were not great – the combination of hitting the gym everyday and creatine added too much mass too fast. Now older and hopefully wiser, I want to have a leaner and more functional physique.

Over the last 3 months or so, I started to adopt more body weight exercises into my free weight routine (situps, pushups, squats…). I wanted some form of feedback – this way I will know if my strength matches my mass. I really enjoy knowing that if I had to climb a tree or scale a cliff, my strength actually can do that. Body weight exercises also typically improve balance, which is another functional gain that will aid me in all sorts of activities.

So what exactly am I targeting? Well… I think I want to see what physical progress is possible over a 4-month period. Why 4 months? Costa Rica of course! I’m heading there at the end of Spring and want to be beach ready 😛 What better vanity goal than looking good surfing? Let’s aim for 15% body fat!

What I need to do is really simple:


I love fooooood! I tend to eat very healthy but too much. The most important thing to manage will be portion control. If I can do that, achieving my beach bod will be a piece of cake (uhmmmm… cake….). I will eat slower and stop when I’m not hungry, no more stuffing myself because it all tastes so good. I do have another helping hand – I will be moving back to the city this month and cooking more on my own, and eating less means less to cook!

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