Longevity of Film – Amazing!

Hi friends,

Just a short post today. I spend the last day of 2017 relaxing and getting ready for work in the new year. One thing I did get to is to fix my CanoScan 8800F flat-bed scanner. A long time ago (over a year I think), I dropped the scanner on its end and broke off the special power connector. I have no idea why Canon decided to use this special setup but the only way to fix it was to remove the connector and rewire it to the scanner. This was not fun as the wiring is tiny and the scanner body is not made to be disassembled (held together with clips). Anyways, I finally got my sh!t together and got it sorted (a lot of hot glue helped).

This is why I did it.


What you see here is a photo of my grandparents in 1961. This 6x6cm negative was taken around when they got married – there was no dress or ceremony, just a few photos and a banquet. It is one of the few photos I have of my grandfather since he passed away long before I was born. I am amazed I have this negative, which back then was only used to make a contact print. Now, with the robustness/longevity of film and cheap scanning technology, I can bring life to this photo again. For the first time, it can be seen larger than the 6x6cm size it was!

Over the next few weeks, I will teach myself to edit and repair the image to its full glory. I hope to share this with you! Stay tuned.

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