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Hi friends,

Sometimes I have nothing to writing about, or don’t feel that what I have is of interest to anyone but me. While I have many hobbies, writing is not one of them. I struggle with my words. I feel they come out in bursts. They don’t flow smoothly; I feel the precise gearing of my thoughts is filled with sand – grinding away.

So why do I bother to blog? Originally I thought this was to document my projects. While it is honorable to share ideas and know-hows with other, I think it is egotistical to THINK that my projects are on that level. In the back of my mind, there is a self sabotage mechanism that constantly strives to reduce my expectation. In reality, all this does is reduce my efforts. Why work on something with no reward even though the reward comes from having a body of work. No one becomes a great “anything” overnight, what was I expecting with my blog? If I have learned anything, is that discipline is the most important trait in life. It beats motivation any day. It is also the hardest thing to hone. To have discipline is to discard ego. To know that your desires are not what you really need and have the mental fortitude to act upon life with rigor – unyielding. I think most must start with the physical before it can trickle into the metaphysical.

Exercise is the first step – for the pain it impose is direct and uncomplicated. You know your soreness is a direct result of your efforts, regardless of your physical condition. You don’t have to doubt that if you push yourself, your body will respond to meet the demands. Unlike the murky depth of your emotions, your body is blunt, almost mechanical. Fuel it with a healthy diet and maintain it with regular exercise, it will likely give you years of reliable service. It then forms the foundation of your mind.

Let’s treat this blog as the electronic extension of my body. It grows with me and reflects my stage of life and mindset. Like my body, it requires regular exercise. In this case, writing. Going forward. I will write once a week. I lack discipline, let’s change that.

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