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Hi friends,

Today’s post will be focused on digital photography. Recently, I’ve sold my trusty X-Pro1 and acquired the X-T1 in NYC which was a nice upgrade. I am really enjoying the much bigger EVF and wifi and have since added a Neewer battery grip for twice the shooting capacity. Now I just need a way to trial this new gear.

How about a hike?

Yamnuska is a mountain east of the town of Canmore, Alberta. It is known for having a great scree slope for scrambling and sheer cliffs for rock climbing. The view is not too shabby either. I will let you be the judge.


My coworkers and I first set up camp at the base and then headed up in the late afternoon so that we would be on the peak in the evening. The goal is get the golden evening light and perhaps shoot some sunset shots.

My gear setup is as follows:

  • Lowepro Orion Trekker II backpack
  • Fujifilm X-T1 with the 35mm 1.4
  • 18mm 2.0
  • Sigma 10-20mm 4-56 DC HSM (from my old Nikon) and a nikon to fuji adapter
  • Polarizing filter

Now normally, I would scoff at carrying so many lenses, but I really didn’t want to be missing anything when I am at the peak. This is inexperience and what I learned is this – the 10mm on the wide zoom is really cool but not necessary. For less than a third of the size and weight, the Fuji 18mm will do just fine. The real kicker is that with the panorama function on the X-T1, the 35mm was what I used the most. It’s versatility knows no bounds.

Examples of shots at close to 10mm:


I then switched to 35mm:


The X-T1 Panorama is long!


One thing I’ve noticed is that I am taking a lot less photos. Must be all that film shooting – teaching me to slow down.¬†Film-wise on the other hand, I haven’t been shooting nearly enough and I will update you soon with a new roll (I recently received a Pentax Program A as a gift and will be shooting that with some Calgary street photography).

Take care and until next time!

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