NYC with Tri-X at ISO 1600

Hi friends,

Previously I posted scans from one of the rolls I recently developed – Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to ISO 1600 with TMAX developer. I originally thought about using Rodinal, but I had this old and unopened bottle of TMAX developer from a kijiji package. It was likely over two decades old judging from the age of the other items (it was darkroom package). I really should have just thrown it out, but there is a bit of a gambler in me. I rolled the dice and was lucky. Based on the results, I don’t think I will have any issues using the rest on more Kodak film I shoot.

I learned a couple of new things with this developing session. This was the first time I had to developed 4 rolls in one session. I learned the importance of fixers when I tried to do two rolls in one tank at the same time. Out of habit, I kept to the minimum duration of 3 min and got a big surprise when I opened the tank. The negatives had white fog patches all over! I almost panicked, but turned to hive mind for help. I found a very handy troubleshooting guide on negatives that goes through all the symptoms and possible treatments.

Fortunately, the white fog was simply from exhausted fixer (aka, not enough time for the remaining active concentration). I didn’t have the luxury of reloading the film back on to the reels so I had to use the sink as a big tank. In the chaos, I also failed to re-rinse the film. This left a dried coating when it was squeegeed and dried. Good thing I have a Ilford anti-static cloth, which I used to remove the coating with a little elbow grease.

Enough with the rants. Here are the selected photos from my trip! There are two more rolls to develop, so I will keep you posted.

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