First Raspberry Pi Project – MotionEye Security Camera

I updated my thermostat to a Nest one a few years ago. The added function provided by the wireless unit is really amazing. I not only could better monitor my heating and cooling usage, but also able to adjust the temperatures in the comfort of my bed!

Nest, as a company, continued to develop new wireless home devices. Their latest offers are security cameras/monitors (both an indoor unit as well as an outdoor one). I really like the design and the ability to check in on my home from anywhere will surely make me feel more at ease. But… the price tag of $200+ is a significant expense. Can I just build one?

Raspberry Pi

I have been playing with arduinos for a long time but never ventured into Pi territories. This much more powerful computer on a chip could process video through a camera and also act as a server to host the recordings. It is fairly inexpensive (I got a older version for $30) and there are a lot of users and support online.

I installed MotionEyeOS and it was very cool to see the GUI accessible on the network. After configuring the Shaw router and getting a static IP from, I now can access this Pi from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection of course).

Unfortunately, that was all that I could do… the camera module took two months to arrive from China and I could not get it to work! I really need to learn my lesson with this sort of thing – you get what you paid for, and buying local has its advantages…

 To be continued…

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