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Goodbye Caos! I am tired of your large margins and crazy large home page tiles. Your mobile “adaptive” coding is utter garbage and made the site super clunky. I am over you and on to better things with Hitchcock. Well… My version of Hitchcock.

Hitchcock was the closest equivalent to the look of Caos, with a tiled “gallery” home page against a full background image. It has a very pleasing layout that actually realigns and adapts to any size of display. Just that alone made the switch worthwhile… but… if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

What you see now is actually my HitchcockMod theme. What this means is that I took the plunge and started my own theme. It is a lightly customized version with the logo relocated and the space for the social media buttons removed. I also made sure that the home and search pages have the right/pleasing margins.

All these very basic changes took me 4 hours! CSS is just so vast and my understanding of it so minuscule. But! Now that I’ve dipped my toes in the water, I’m sure I won’t stop exploring its depth.

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