HP5 Developed in Perceptol 1 +1

I got my hands on Ilford’s Perceptol at the local Camera Store. The powder formula is not too expensive, but certainly wasteful since I only develop one roll at a time. I guess this will get better as I shoot more so let’s not worry about it. Once again, I struggled with loading the film onto the reel. This time it took me probably 20 minutes! Talk about frustration…

I used Perceptol at the 1+1 dilution as I hear it increases the contrast while still managing the grain size. At 18 minutes of developing time, it was a pain to wait and invert every minute. I think I will try the straight stock solution next time.



Shot through the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 on my Nikon F2S. Most of the exposures were very good. The focus is a bit tricky at night, but that’s more the user than the tool. There are definitely a lot of keepers with this roll!

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