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I recently missed out purchasing an excellent condition Nikon FM2n. While disappointed, it highlighted to me my insatiable appetite for more cameras, which I really should examine and curtail.  I currently have 10+ cameras from Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Mamiya, and Fujifilm. The Mamiya is medium format and therefore unique, and the Pentax was a dirt cheap Super ME that I got just to practice camera repair so I guess it doesn’t count either. That just leaves Nikon, Minolta, and Fujifilm for me to focus on.



Minolta has sort of a special place in my heart since it is my first film camera. The SRT 303b lead me to get the X-700. I love the functionality of the X-700, it is feature packed and lightweight (plastic of course). I see it as a great everywhere camera that won’t cost you much.



Nikon was my first high end camera. I started with a D90 and also shot with a D3000 when I wanted a lighter camera. I now have the D7000 and a bunch of different lenses, including the 35mm and 50mm primes, 10-20mm and 18-105mm zooms, and even a complete lensbaby set for different effects. Despite the large arsenal of lenses, I can safely say that the DSLR is actually the least used. In fact, I want to sell it but am not sure what to do with all the great lenses. I suppose I can gift the camera to my mother who has been considering getting into photography, but shipping it to China is a costly expense.

So… that leaves Fujifilm.


Yup, you can see that I am a Fuji Fanboy for sure. There are many reasons to love Fujifilm. Their digital mirrorless cameras are innovative with fantastic lenses. They also offer firmware updates long after release of their models, something that is unique and very, very, very appreciated. Finally, and perhaps the most indicative, their old film cameras are very undervalued and therefore affordable. At one point, my collection included three ST801, one 35SE, one ST701, one AZ-1, and of course, the digital X-Pro1. I have mentioned before that the ST801 is a favorite of mine and that is whyI have three – one for daily use, and two for collecting. The best deal I got was a ST801 with two Fujinon lens for $20CAD!  So why the others? Well, I bid on a package deal on eBay in order to get at a 50mm 1.4 M42 lens, the ST701 and AZ-1 are just icing on the cake (and have subsequently been sold).

So… what does this all mean? I’m not sure. I think I will continue to collect cameras, but perhaps like all my other hobbies, I will soon start to optimize and distill my gear to something pure. When I do, I hope to submit and show off my daily gear on Japancamerahunter.com. Their column “In Your Bag” is pure camera porn.

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