Superglue Chuck for the Taig Lathe

While I am still doodling away with ideas in my sketchbook, part of me knows that I will need to gain a lot of experience in machining before I can confidently make chips on the Taig lathe. One way I can do that is start to make the tools and holders that I need. I have seen Chris (ClickSpring) on YouTube use a Superglue chuck numerous times for thin and flat stocks, which are the staple of watch parts. I think there are also faceplates with clamps that are used (less mess!), but the Superglue chuck would be a fun and useful one to start.

Since I lack the tools to properly thread the chuck for the lathe spindle, I decided to use an extra Taig faceplate as the adapter. The face of the chuck is a piece of aluminium plate that is roughly sawed into a octagon with a band-saw. I then┬ábolted the plate to the adapter so it can be turned true on the lathe. I should have countersunk for the bolts first, but hindsight is 20/20. This meant fixing it on the mill, centering to the hole and then countersinking the holes with a 3/8″ two flute end mill. The grooves are then cut into the faced plate for the glue to purchase. I rushed it and there are some chatter but that won’t affect its function. I’m also not super confident that two bolts will be enough, so there might have to be a bit of blue loctite (in the future).

I think the pictures will help…

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